Better Days EP

by Over&Under

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released August 18, 2014

Recorded by Kevin Butler at the Orb Recording Studios in Austin, TX.
Vocals on 'Better Days' Recorded by David McDonald in Austin, TX.
Mixed by Vince Ratti, Skylight Studio.
Mastered by Will Yip, Studio 4.



all rights reserved


Over&Under Austin, Texas

Bryan West - Vocals
Cody Canion - Guitar
David McDonald - Guitar
Randy Talamantez - Bass
Joe Allen - Drums

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Track Name: The Ender
This is the end of our story.
So lets welcome the darkest nights
and throw our hearts to the sky.
So do your worst and maybe I'll feel something.
Do you worst and maybe I'll feel anything at all.
Not only forever but never again
will we stand side by side or hand in hand.
I wish I could say everything would be ok.
But I can't.
I never hoped it would come to this
but I always knew you were something I could never miss.
In this very moment I lost control of everything.
We move so perfectly.
I wish I could say
that it all will be ok.
Track Name: Emerald
If you need me, I'll be floating way above the clouds
with arms stretched out.
Looking for an answer.
Searching for a reason to live.
I should find a way out
but I'm searching for an end.
Through the haze I see a light
bleeding into my life, I could never look away.
I will never feel the same.
I am just a bug to your blue light.
Flying aimlessly to end my life.
I am powerless to change my path of flight.
I will meet my demise
in the light emitting from your eyes
Like emeralds shining brilliantly into the night sky.
Cut the cords.
Fall back down.
Drop down like a falling star in the night.
Into your arms.
Blast my way into your life.
Find my way to your heart.
This is where I've always wanted to be.
I swear I'll never leave.
This is just what you wanted.
just what you needed.
Stop wasting time.
Won't you come take this heart from me?
Track Name: Unfortune
You're not the same.
One day you will realize
you are the one that we despise.
Will it ever be enough for you?
Stepping on the ones who helped you through.
Disconnected from the world that held you high.
Your existence is a waste of time.
We were the ones who helped you up.
We helped you climb your way to the top.
We will witness the rise and the fall.
You will not stay on top of us all.
Your deceptions will rise
like flames that burn you to the ground.
Your ambitions will die.
Tides will turn and take you back. They will.
Your existence is nothing but a waste of time.
You're nothing. You mean nothing.
You're existence means nothing if you waste your time.
Nothing if you waste it.
You're out of time.
Your lies are like serpents slithering.
I cannot wait 'till they fucking strike you down.
Bite your tongue.
You can't save yourself now.
The eyes of a liar will reveal
the true nature of the man.
Track Name: Better Days
Will you take me back
take me back to a time where things were not so difficult.
Will you take me back
take me back because I have no idea where home is anymore.
Black and white became a color catastrophe.
Some things explode in time.
Some things fade away.
This feeling is...
the only thing worth living for.
Will it pass us by
before we die?
Will we realize
our dreams have died?
I believed everything you said.
You took me for everything that I had.
I can't believe this is what you became.
We both feel the sun, but we don't see the same.
Leave behind an empty shell
of who you used to be.
With every fragment of my existence
I know this is what has been killing me.
Will you take me back
take me back to a time where things were not so difficult.
Will you take me back
take me back because I have no idea where home is anymore.
We both feel the sun
but we don't see the same.
We won't last forever,
but we won't die today.
This feeling is the only thing worth living for.